Australian Lobster Tails (16 – 20 oz.)

Australian Lobster Tails (16 - 20 oz.)

Product Description:
The prized, finest lobster tail in the world. Prized for their rich flavor, these tails are packed with a sweet, succulent and tender taste. All the way from the world famous pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef of North Australia. The warm waters of Australia allow these tails to have a softer and much tenderer meat then cold water tails.
Australian lobster tails are known for their massive size – these tails weigh in at one pound to a pound and a quarter each. Very easy to cook and can be prepared on the BBQ, broiled in the oven or boiled.
These tails are fresh frozen and shipped overnight to your doorstep, meaning you can enjoy some of the best lobster from across the world at your own dinner table. That’s hard to beat..

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